Hi, I'm Zoie. You can call me that or some of my friends call me Earthy/Derpthy, or Nep. Or make up a nickname for me. Contrary to popular belief, I'm not 12. I'm a sophomore in high school.I'm a little immature but I would love to be friends. I aspire to one day be an artfag for some fandom, I suppose.. Don't be afraid to talk to me, I promise I won't bite.


Seven dollars from the sale of each item will be donated to charity.

Problem: Each day hundreds of young women and children in the Philippines are being exploited as they are sold for sex against their will. Due to a high level of tourism as well as local demand, the city of Cebu lends itself as a breeding ground for human trafficking.

Solution: Once these women are rescued from the sex trade, delicate restoration is required. This week your support helps place a woman in a safe home where she will be provided with protection, medical care, legal assistance, education, counseling, and freedom from sexual abusers.

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